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Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956)

Stanhope: A definite throwback to the caveman classification, the Andean period, I believe. Seems twice as large. I forgot to use the Polaroid. A picture would be proof.
Kabluey (2007)

Payback (1999)

Carter: Stitch this mutt up, Phil.
Phil: Any Polaroids or trophies?
Carter: No, not this time.
Perfect Sense (2011)

Susan: Can you still get film for those?
Michael: Yeah. I got some from my Uncle. He was a collector.
Susan: What did he collect?
Michael: Polaroid cameras.
SLC Punk! (1998)

Submarine (2010)

Jordana: Meet me under the railway bridge after school and we'll take it from there. Bring a Polaroid camera and a diary
Time Lapse (2014)


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