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Jamba Juice

Baby Mama (2008)

Rob: But kind of tough, you know, going up against the man.
Kate: The cops?
Rob: Jamba Juice.
Kate: Jamba Juice is the man?
Rob: Yeah. Corporate juice pimps. Thought you should know, and you'll feel free to tell your friends.
Rob: Rob Ackerman, WeBeSoCa Small Business Owners' Association, and I also own Super Fruity Smoothies.
Guy: It's like Jamba Juice.
Rob: No, it's not. It's not like Jamba Juice at all.
Kate: Also, I don't think you wanna pick a fight with Jamba Juice. I mean, they're not exactly Wal-Mart.
Rob: Well, they are, They're the Exxon of frozen juice companies.
Angie: Yeah, now he makes fruit smoothies.
Judge: You mean like Jamba Juice?
Rob: Yes, Your Honor, it's exactly like Jamba Juice.
Judge: 'Cause I love Jamba Juice.
Rob: Yeah.
Angie: Who doesn't?
Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Rachel: I mean, you have a Jamba Juice card.
In a World... (2013)

Carol: There's also a Jamba Juice two blocks away from here. 'Cause I bet you were looking for a smoothie.

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