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UPS (United Parcel Service)

Helvetica (2007)

Refuge (2012)

Timeline (2003)

Kramer: You're right, and we used them to build a machine that could actually fax three dimensional objects. I'll explain these mirrors later. I know it sounds crazy, but it would put FedEx and UPS out of business.
UPS (United Parcel Service)
Yes Man (2008)

The Blacklist: The Courier (2013)

Elizabeth: Cooper's not gonna sanction a black op against the U.P.S. driver of crime.
The Middle: The Wedding (2012)

Frankie: Mike, we can't have a wedding at this house. I'm too ashamed to even open the door for the U.P.S. guy.
Once Upon a Time: Manhattan (2013)

Emma: U.P.S. package for 407.
Henry: Maybe you should've said FedEx.

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