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Red State (2011)

Adin: Abigail TiVo'd a segment on the 5:00 news you all can watch it later if you want to and see yourselves on the TV.

30 Rock: Live Show (2010)

Carol: I also need you to Tivo Bones for me in case I survive.
Moonlight: Out of the Past

Mick: When you live for ever it’s disappointing how little humans change. Technology though it always gets better. If I hadn't become a vampire I would have missed out on the internet, Tivo, World of Warcraft, and GPS.
The Office (US): Dinner Party (2008)

Pam: Yeah, he tried to set up my TiVo for me, but then I didn't have audio for a week.
The Office (US): Dwight's Speech (2006)

Dwight: There having a sale on TiVo. Maybe I should get a TiVo.

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