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Angel-A (2005)

Angel-A: On my 16th birthday, I got a Ferrari and took aim at the nearest wall, so Daddy would notice me at last, at my funeral.
Band of Outsiders (1964)

Franz: Someday I'll buy a 24 cylinder Ferrari and race it at Indianapolis.
Checkpoint (1956)

Bill: How far ahead is that Ferrari?
Michael: There's a Ferrari in the lead.
Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

Hector: Roger, have you taken your meds?
Roger: I am f---ing Ferrari.
I Give It a Year (2013)

Nat: I mean, you're charming and twinkly. Look, you're a Ferrari and he's a Volvo and right now I just need to be behind the wheel of a Volvo. I need. I need reliability and to be able to get from A to B safe and unhurt.
Killers (2010)

On The Beach (1959)

Moira: What is it?
Julian: It's a Ferrari
Dwight: So this is the Ferrari. What does she do?
Parker (2013)

Leslie: I thought he was something. His Ferrari was rented.
Payback (1999)

Porter: My dad never bought me a Ferrari. I had to steal my first one.
Skyline (2010)

Singer: Hip-hop's currently fallin' down the stairs. Ridin' round in Ferraris. Doin' Moet in the Ritz.
To Rome with Love (2012)

Jerry: Well, well, look, if she's going to marry an Italian, I want her to marry somebody with you know, with material possessions, with a yacht, with a couple of Ferraris, with a villa in Sardinia.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963)

Street Vendor: Is this a Rolls Royce? Does it really do 150? More than a Ferrari!

Doctor Who: Planet of the Ood (2008)

Donna: Now that’s what I call a spaceship. You've got a box he’s got a Ferrari.
The Last Man on Earth: The Tandyman Can (2015)

Phil: I know it's not gonna win any penis awards. But there aren't penis awards. So, whatever, you know? And the thing is, as with many Ferraris, the real show is on the back end.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Christmas (2013)

Harris: Mike Henry, back in the driver's seat, working that clutch, hugging them curves.
Mike: Put the Ferrari back in the garage, man.
The Middle: Dollar Days (2013)

Axl: Dude, every band's gotta pay their dues. This'll be a great story for Rolling Stone someday when we're kicking it in our mansions, trying to decide which Ferraries to take to go yachting.
Peep Show: The Man Show (2004)

Mark: Ferrari Testarossa, fast car. Obviously no need to note that.
True Blood: Sparks Fly Out (2008)

Lafayette: Listen, don't blame the Ferrari just 'cause your ass can't drive.

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