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Apenas o Fim (2008)

Tom: And I hope I convinced you that Sony is better than Nintendo.
Ela: Yeah, right.
Tom: You're not convinced yet?
Ela: Just ask anybody and they'll tell you who Mario is. But ask them who Sephiroth is, they won't have a clue.
Tom: Besides, your fixation with Nintendo must mean something. Maybe your brother died while you were playing. He died while playing Super Mario Bros.
The Wrestler (2008)

Randy: You wanna play Nintendo?

The Book Group: The Alchemist (2002)

Some Guy: The snowboarding cartridge. I had that in the Nintendo yesterday.
Parks and Recreation: Filibuster (2013)

Leslie: Is the gong really necessary?
Councilman Jamm: Yes it is. I love Chinese crap. Lucy Liu, Nintendo, Gangnam Style, sushi, et cetera, etcetera.
Revolution: Everyone Says I Love You (2013)

Nanotech: You played Nintendo with Kevin. Legend of Zelda.

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