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Land Rover

In Your Eyes (2014)

Dylan: Why, what do you have?
Rebecca: What? Oh, um, a Range Rover.
Dylan: Nice, safe.
Dylan: What year is your truck?
Rebecca: Oh, uh, a 2010.
Dylan: There's no way the exhaust system on a Range Rover would go after just a few years.
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Mike: Or that he drove one of two vehicles a Maserati and a Range Rover?
Mike: Do you know the difference between a Maserati and a Range Rover?
Reggie: One is small and one is big, I guess.
Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010)

Corrie: Look, we'll get a bunch of us together and if your dad lets us have the Land Rover, we should go further up the river than we've ever been before like, even up to Tailor's Stitch, and all the way into Hell.
Mr. Linton: Well, why the Land Rover? Why not the bikes?
Mrs. Linton: Or horses, even. Make it an old-fashioned camp out. That'd be fun.
Ellie: Guys, I'm not 10 anymore. Besides, if there was an emergency, wouldn't you prefer that I had the Land Rover?
Troll Hunter (2010)

Hunter: That guy in the Land Rover is no bear hunter.


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