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Time Warner Cable

Vamps (2012)

Vadim: Can Time Warner just burst into a person's home and kill them? Renfield: Yeah, they're terrible.
Dr. Van Helsing: Madam, you've insultingly confused us with the police. I'm from Time Warner, and if you ever want to see Jon Stewart again, you'll open this door.

30 Rock: Cutbacks (2009)

Kenneth: Mr. Donaghy, I know you said only interrupt you it it was very important, but Tashonda from Time Warner Cable is on the phone and she's offering three free months of Showtime. But we have to act now.
Jack: Kenneth, this does not qualify as something important. I do not want Showtime.
Kenneth: Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I just don't want you to miss out on this exciting opportunity --
The Michael J. Fox Show: Homecoming (2013)

Mike: Tough negotiating. I should get you on the phone with Time Warner.

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