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Adam's Apples (2005)

Ivan: Christoffer had been playing with her pills and had put them in a candy dish. Linda always had a sweet tooth and she thought they were yellow M&Ms.
Hamlet 2 (2008)

Hancock (2008)

Logorama (2009)

Dead Like Me: Reapercussions (2003)

George: A Peanut Poppies is like a peanut M&M but just different enough to avoid litigation.
George: I kinda prefer M&Ms.
Roxy: Go buy yourself some M&Ms.
Glee: Prom-asaurus (2012)

Becky: Touch those peanut M&M's, and I will end you.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Christmas (2013)

Harris: That doesn't sound like a turtle. That sounds like a marshmallow M&M.
The Office (US): The Coup (2006)

Michael: Hey Dwight. You want an m&m?
Dwight: No thanks I'm stuffed.
Michael No seriously you should have an m&m. There really good.
The Office (US): Goodbye, Toby (2008)

Kevin: Do you want an m&m?
The Office (US): Michael's Birthday (2006)

Jim: Party pack of m&m's his favorite candy.
The Office (US): Office Olympics (2005)

Kevin: Sometimes we play who can put the most m&m's in their mouth.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy's in a Love Triangle! (2015)

Kimmy: I never made your stepmom do anything except for the time she made me make her eat a peanut M&M.

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