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Heat (magazine)


The IT Crowd: The Work Outing (2007)

Roy: He actually did want to borrow the copy of Heat.
Jen: So?
Roy: Well, it's just.. you know.
Jen: Huh. No, I don't. What?
Roy: I'm just surprised.
Jen: Why?
Roy: It's just I don't know many heterosexual men who read Heat.
Jen: Huh. What, he's gay just because he reads Heat magazine?
Roy: Um, well, he's either gay or a woman in her early twenties.
Roy: He borrowed Heat.
Moss: He borrowed Heat? Ooh, la la.
Roy: I'm not going to spoil your romantic evening with the gay man.
Jen: He's not a gay man.
Roy: He reads Heat.

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