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The Rum Diary (2011)

Wolsley: Just so we're all sitting in the same Jacuzzi. In case a turd floats up, if you know what I mean.

Being Human (UK): Pie and Prejudice (2013)

Larry: Nicolas Cage does not use that particular model of Jacuzzi.
Customer Support: Mr. Cage has purchased several hot tubs.
Larry: He may use your brand of Jacuzzis, but that's not an after dinner anecdote I can use. I bought your product for one purpose and one purpose only, to point at and say, that is the exact Jacuzzi owned by Hollywood film star Nicolas Cage.
Tom: He's got a Jacuzzi.
Alex: Oh, stuff his Jacuzzi.
Gravity: Damn Skippy (2010)

Detective: Do you really think that I would try to drown you to death in the Jacuzzi in my home?
Parks and Recreation: Filibuster (2013)

Leslie: I was peeing so freakin' hard, it was like a Jacuzzi jet.

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