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Old Spice

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010)

Marcus: This arm actually, I'm kind of starting to dig it. It smells like Old Spice.

New Girl: Neighbors (2012)

Schmidt: What the hell is that smell?
Nick: It's Old Spice.
Schmidt: I'm smelling Old Spice?
Nick: Yeah, and yes, it has "Old" in the title, and yes, it's all over my body.
Schmidt: Okay, well, take it off.
Nick: I'm wearing the Spice. The Spice is cool.
Schmidt: It's not even a real spice, man. Take it off.
Nick: The Spice is coming back! Everybody knows it! The guy on the horse!
Schmidt: You can wear any spice. Don't wear Old Spice!
Winston: Classic cologne fight.

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