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Weight Watchers

The Day I Saw Your Heart (2011)

Justine: You'd have a lifetime Weight Watchers membership, wear a waist pouch, live in a high rise... and you'd never, never, never have a chick.
Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Adam: You may like him, but then you end up pregnant with, like, trucker hips, and you have a baby with Billy Lavatino, and you're addicted to Weight Watchers, you little b#$@.
Malice in Wonderland (2009)

Whitey: The Imperial stuffed with chicken, shish, doner, some other dead thing. Only 9,000 points on Weight Watchers.

Danger Mouse: Where There's a Well There's a Way (1986)

Penfold: Who are you?
Skeleton: Weight Watcher of the year, 1897.
Orphan Black: Entangled Bank (2013)

Felix: Invite her, too. Then maybe we can all cuddle up with Weight Watchers and Grey's Anatomy.

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