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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Game Night (2018)

Michelle: Wow. Where'd you find her? TED Talk?
Ryan: No, at Chipotle.
Vamps (2012)

Young Adult (2011)

Buddy: And we're getting a new Chipotle at the mall.
Mavis: And I noticed you got a Ken-Taco-Hut. You know, one of those Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell...
Buddy: Pizza Hut. That's genius. Ken-Taco-Hut.

The Good Place: Everything is Bonzer! (2018)

Eleanor: And then this doodle of a burrito because when I first read Aristotle, I thought it was pronounced like Chipotle. Wait a minute, is it Chip-o-tottle?
Supergirl: Stronger Together (2015)

Winn: You'r going to make some mistakes. Like when you first started working here and Cat asked you to get her lunch and you went to Chipotle.

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