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Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Rachel: Okay, game plan. Check our bags, get through security and then we could eat one of the three homemade Tupperware meals my mom packed for us.
Morning Glory (2010)

Some Lady: Everyone was madly in love with him. Actually, just me and every single person I knew.
Becky: Um, yeah. Can we just...
Some Lady: His dad was editor of Newsweek. His mom's family is rich as hell. They own, like Tupperware or something.

The Blacklist: Mako Tanida (2014)

Raymond: What do they do for lunch? Do they order in or eat salads out of those Tupperware bowls? How does it work with dancers?
Christine: They smoke.
Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy (2012)

Doctor: The Kahler, I love the Kahler. They're one of the most ingenious races in the galaxy. Seriuosly. They could build a spaceship out of Tupperware and moss.
iZombie: The Exterminator (2015)

Blaine: Work, here in a bottomless buffet of brains ripe for Tupperwaring.

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