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Date Night (2010)

Oliver: Dad, come play Legos with me.
Phil: Yes, yes, I will. But I am going to lapse into a mini coma for just a second, and then we're gonna have the best Lego battle ever.
HairBrained (2013)

He can't talk, but his Lego skills are ridiculous.
The World's End (2013)

Gary: Why don't you just get in your rocket and f--- off back to Legoland, you c---s!

Being Human (UK): Another Fine Mess (2009)

Fleur: He treats you like a playmate doesn't he? Any excuse to crack open the Lego.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Pilot (2013)

Ian: LEGOS everywhere. They're not even put together right. How is this a tug boat?
New Girl: Fluffer (2012)

Nick: I love this stuff. It's like high stakes Legos.
New Girl: Parents (2012)

Schmidt: Actually went to Legoland with them last year. He didn't pressure me to go on any of the rides I wasn't comfortable with.

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