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Chef (2014)

Percy: I'm posting a Vine.
Carl: A Vine, what's a Vine?
Percy: It's a video.
Lazer Team (2015)

Parks and Recreation: The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic (2013)

Ron: What the hell is happening?
Tom: I think you accidentally opened up Vine. You just Vined your first selfie, Ron.
Donna: And I'm Vining you Vine your selfie.
Sleepy Hollow: The Golem (2013)

Irving: It's called a vine, but it has absolutely nothing to do with shrubbery?
Macey: Yeah, it's a video, six seconds long.
Irving: On YouTube?
Macey: No, YouTube videos are, like, three minutes long. No one has time for that.

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