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A to Z: B Is for Big Glory (2014)

Stephie: Okay, so, his little tart just did a Yelp check-in at this French place on Highland.
Elementary: The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction (2014)

Toby: How do the killers find him? What does he got, a Yelp page?
iZombie: Dead Air (2015)

Clive: Liv, she's right about S'il Vous Plait, Beignet. According to Yelp, they shut their doors last year.
Parks and Recreation: Anniversaries (2014)

Donna: What? Some fool just slammed me on Yelp.
April: I took Ron's advice. I very maturely and straightforwardly left anonymous comments about Donna online.
Donna: Just give me the ip address of the dude that gave me that cracked out Yelp review.
Ron: Computers are mostly pointless, but that Yelp thing gave me a great idea on how to criticize people and places.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Goes Outside! (2015)

Reporter: ... best known to Yelp users in this area as Durnsville's worst wedding DJ.

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