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Mrs. Dash

Best Man Down (2012)

Roger: Could somebody please pass the Mrs. Dash? She might be hiding with Mr. Dash.
Kristin: Oh, we don't know if there is a Mr. Dash, Dad. Maybe things didn't go well after their wedding or something.
Scott: Well, maybe Mr. Dash had some things on his mind, and things he had to take care of.
Kristin: I just wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Dash didn't go on a honeymoon and then after that stop communicating.
Scott: Maybe Mrs. Dash should stop feeling sorry for herself.
Kristin: I think that Mrs. Dash is trying really hard and maybe feels under appreciated.
Scott: Maybe Mrs. Dash should remember she's not the only spice in the spice rack.
Kristin: I'm not saying that Mrs. Dash is the only spice.
Scott: Well Mrs. Dash has gotten very arrogant lately. Little one sided.
Kirstin: Arrogant?
Scott: Mm-hmm. There's paprika there's thyme, there's rosem-- a lot of other spices out there.

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