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Kraft Foods

Mother (1996)

John: For every new piece of clothing I buy, you buy one brand-new ounce of very expensive cheese.
Mother: Does Kraft count?
John: Oh, Mother, that's so sweet. Yes. Yes, Kraft counts.

30 Rock: Floyd (2010)

Jenna: A breakfast date? Who is this guy?
Liz: Uh, I met him on KDate, which is the personals section of the Kraft Foods website.

The Guild: Rather Be Raiding (2007)

Vork: The price difference here between a cheeseburger and hamburger is one dollar. Now if you divide 12 to $2.95. The cost of a pack of Kraft Deli Deluxe mild cheddar cheese slices. Each slice costs 24.5 cents.

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