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Wired Magazine


Dollhouse: Man On The Street (2006)

Mellie: Joel Mynor from Bouncy the Rat? He was on the cover of Wired.
Hearn: You read Wired?
Mellie: You can see the cover in stores.
No Tomorrow: Pilot (2016)

Evie's Father: I read your article on cryptocurrencies in the new issue of Wired there. Didn't understand a lick of it, but I clipped it out and mailed it off to Evie.
Revolution: Nobody's Fault But Mine (2012)

Major Tom: That's Aaron Pittman, the wizard of Google. You've been on the cover of Wired Magazine more times than I can count.

Wired Magazine
El Lobo Rojo: Episode 1 (2008)

Phil: Wired Magazine knows all about me.

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