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Helvetica (2007)

30 Rock: Chain Reaction Of Mental Anguish (2010)

Donald: Welcome to Staples.
Jack: Why did you choose that name?
Donald: Because Staples means "The Basics." And that's what you're getting here. Food , drinks, fun. Staples. Yeah, we got that.
Jack: Staples is also a giant office supply chain.
Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008)

Skyler: Um, did you use the MasterCard last month? Uh, fifteen eighty eight at Staples?
Walter: Um, Oh, we needed printer paper.
Skyler: Walt, the MasterCard's the one we don't use.
New Girl: Longest Night Ever (2013)

Coach: She said yes! We're going to the Staples Center to watch a game tonight.
Schmidt: Find Staples Center!
Phone; Finding Starples Medical Supply.
Schmidt: No, you dumb pocket robot!
The Office (US): Branch Closing (2006)

Josh: As of today I have accepted a senior management position in Staples.
The Office (US): Branch Wars (2007)

Michael: Corcoran dropped Staples.
The Office (US): The Convention (2006)

Josh: Their exclusive with Staples.
Michael: Used to be. Evan will call you in the morning to work out the details. We can now sell Hammer Mill products.
The Office (US): Launch Party (2007)

Dwight: When I left Staples, I took some of their leads with me, but I never intended to use them.

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