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Flypaper (2011)

He Was a Quiet Man (2007)

Bob: There's a Sizzler up here a little ways.
Vanessa: Sizzler? Look, Bob, if this is going to be my last meal, I'd like it to be something special.
Bob: I don't get out much, Sizzler's all I know.

The Crazy Ones: She's So European (2013)

Sydney: You take lovers like I take extra mints at the Sizzler.
The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Happy Couple (2) (2008)

Old Christine: Its over.
Matthew: You dropped you're complaint with Sizzler.
Old Christine: No. That's not near over. They pissed off the wrong customer.
Barb: Who's yelling. Are you on the phone with Sizzler again.
Old Christine: Then who am I mad at?
Richard: You've still got Sizzler.
Old Christine: All you can eat means all you can eat.

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