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Easy A (2010)

Chip: I like the pants.
Olive: Thank you. They're Costco.
It's a Disaster (2012)

Buck: You guys have enough rat poison down here to kill Chuck E. Cheese. What is the deal?
Emma: Costco is the deal.
King of California (2007)

Charlie: Dubloons from the king of Spain lost more than 300 years ago and their buried under a Costco.
Red 2 (2013)

Yes Man (2008)

Norman: Got tons of it at Costco. You see, I've got an exclusive membership card. And with that card, I get access to the whole place. I can buy large quantities of anything at discount prices.
Allison: Can't anyone get one of those cards?
Norman: No, don't think so. But I can talk to someone, if you'd like.

Being Human: There Goes the Neighborhood (2) (2011)

Josh: No, what's the point of any of this, of playing house, of drinking beers, of joining Costco if you're just gonna kill all of our friends?
Master of None: Plan B (2015)

Dev: You know what Amanda and James are doing this summer? They're taking a trip to Costco. Yeah, to buy a bunch of grape juice and diapers or whatever f---ing kid shit they have to buy.
Nathan: I love Costco. They're nice to me over there. Like, they act like they know me, even though, like, thousands of people go in there every day. You know, they always are like, hey, that's that guy. I'm there a lot.
The Venture Brothers: Home is Where the Hate Is (2008)

Hatred: I got a soiree at 1800 hours and I still gotta go to the Costco on the way home to pick up some party platters.

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