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The Home Depot

Evan Almighty (2007)

Evan: You ever hear of Home Depot?
Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Sharon: All I want for my birthday is for you to get your ass off that couch, and you get on the bus and you go to The Home Depot.
John Dies at the End (2012)

David: Say you have an ax. Just a cheap one from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day you use said ax to behead a man. Don't worry the man's already dead.
The Lifeguard (2013)

Justine: You know, I made your dad do it. I made him go to Home Depot. I made him do the plans with me.
Logorama (2009)

Red (2010)

Frank: Where'd you get this?
Marvin: Home Depot.
Frank: How much?
Marvin: Ten bucks.
Red State (2011)

Brooks: No, that's Home Depot.
Wild Tales (2014)

I was a manager at Home Depot where this psycho you mentioned worked for a while.

Dead Like Me: Dead Girl Walking (2003)

Joy: Went to three different Home Depots to buy toilet seats for Reggie's school.
Gravity: Damn Skippy (2010)

Adam: If you meet a guy who makes your heart race and yet also calms you down simultaneously then that means that there is a chemical connection. And if you're one of the few, few lucky people on this planet that gets to experience something like that then I mean what the f#$% do you care if he works at f#$%ing Home Depot.
Monk: Mr. Monk Is on the Run (1)

Natalie: You want one?
Randall: No actually I had a protein shake at Home Depot on the way over.
Moonlight: What's Left Behind (2008)

Beth: So they could either be nice guys from the Home Depot parking lot or convicted felons.
True Blood: Strange Love (2008)

Tara: Um, we don't sell that here. You could try Home Depot.
The Venture Brothers: Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny (2008)

Tim-Tom: Team B take this list to Home Depot.

The Guild: Total Wipe (2008)

Tinkerballa: You can pick up a guy at The Home Depot parking lot.

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