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Bewitched (2005)

Nigel: You've turned your back on your own kind, and now you live down the street from a Denny's.
King of California (2007)

Miranda: Pepper ate so many pancakes at a Denny's that the busboys had to unbolt the table to get him out of the booth.
Smoke Signals (1998)

Thomas: You know, your dad took me to Denny's once.
Thomas: So then he took me to Denny's. It was afternoon, you know...but I still had the Grand Slam breakfast.

Under the Dome: Pilot (2013)

Joe: Mom's having brunch with Uncle Steve at Denny's.
Angie: And?
Joe: Angie, Denny's is in Westlake.
Angie: So what?
Joe: That's on the other side of this thing.

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