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(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Tom: This is not how you treat your friend. Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA? Shower sex? Come on! Friends, my balls!
Band Aid (2017)

Drum Circle: Ikea, Ikea.
Ben: I feel like they're just saying Ikea over and over again.
Cashback (2006)

Ben: It's funny what goes through your mind at a time like this. The two and a half years we spent together. The promises we made. The holidays we took with her parents. The lamp we bought at IKEA together.
Delicacy (2011)

Mr. Delamain: We're very Swedish here. This is from IKEA, of course.
Fight Club (1999)

Life's a Breeze (2013)

Colm: Brand new bed. IKEA's finest. Memory foam, orthopedic, best night's kip ever. We both got one.
Nan: Where's the old one?
Logorama (2009)

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Thin (2016)

Joshua Fields Millburn: But even while Rome is burning, there's somehow time for shopping at IKEA.
Requirements to Be a Normal Person (2015)

Borja: We'd have to turn out all the lights in Ikea to remotely understand its light, understand?
The Salt of Life (2011)

Wife: You could go to Ikea and buy some curtains.
Wife: Remember you're taking me to Ikea for curtains today.

30 Rock: Blind Date (2006)

Liz: After Ikea tomorrow you want to go see Margret Cho at the Beacon?
30 Rock: Double-Edged Sword (2011)

Tracy: I'm Oscar winner Tracy Jordan. And as scary as it is, I have a responsibility to fix the world, starting with the worst place ever.
Kenneth: IKEA on a Saturday?
Tracy: Africa.
30 Rock: Sandwich Day (2008)

Liz: What does New York have that Cleveland doesn't have. I read that you guys are getting an IKEA.
Liz: I'll move to Cleveland when you get that IKEA. Never.
Floyd: Don't you deprive the good people of Cleveland an IKEA.
Being Human (UK): Flotsam and Jetsam (2009)

Mitchell: We've salvaged what we can. But there's about ten bin bags of crap and wreckage stashed in my bedroom. I'm sensing a trip to IKEA. And you know my feelings about that.
Being Human (UK): Ghost Town (2009)

Annie: Well, this is nice. We were going to get a shoe rack like that for our hallway. I saw it in the IKEA catalogue.
iZombie: Maternity Liv (2015)

Clive: They didn't get this at IKEA.
Liv: No. This is what Rumpelstiltskin carves for you after you promise him your firstborn.
Little Britain: Series 1 Episode 3 (2003)

Ray: Oh, we're easy to find. When you see the hanging tree, take a left. When you come to the old well, take a right. If ye pass the scarecrow, Ye've come to far!... Yeah that's right, opposite IKEA.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Party (2014)

Leigh: Well, you know that article I wrote on IKEA storage solutions?
Annie: Uh, let's just say yeah and keep on moving.
Leigh: Well, I just got paid.
Annie: Nice!
Leigh: But then I spent all the money I made on IKEA storage solutions. So can I borrow the car to go to IKEA?
Leigh: I'm Mike Henry's sister, and, since limo rides extend to immediate family, I need you to take me to IKEA.
Harris: IKEA stuff is confusing. It's easier said than done.
New Girl: Fluffer (2012)

Jess: I don't want to kiss and tell, but he did ruin my dresser during intercourse.
Nick: Cone on! Why are yuo saying that?
Jess: Will you go to Ikea with me?
Nick: Sure, I'm not doing anything. But don't let me lay my eyes on the Malm collection. I can't afford it, and I'm a sucker for it every time.
Jess: So it's not available at the closest Ikea, but it is available at the second closest Ikea, which is about 45 minutes if we could drive over the reservoir.
Peep Show: Mugging (2005)

Jeremy: Where's all the Ikea candles?
The Worst Week of My Life: Monday (2004)

Dom: Don't do it, our man! It's a trap. You'll spend the rest of your life at IKEA.


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