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Losing Control (2011)

Samantha: Can you please turn it off now.
Maurizio: No. Hoover chases away my naughty thoughts. Sam, what are you doing?
Samantha: I am not sleeping with a vacuum cleaner on! It is not sexy or romantic!
Once (2006)

Girl: What shop you work in?
Guy: I work in a Hoover repair shop.
Girl: A Hoover?
Girl: I bring you my Hoover.

Being Human (UK): The Graveyard Shift (2012)

Regus: Yeah, well, most of my friends are arseholes. There's a couple of them in the Hoover.
Regus: Keep moving. See the world. Try not to end up in a hoover bag.
Being Human (UK): Where The Wild Things Are (2009)

Seth: The only reason why I haven't torn your bastard face off yet is cos I've just done the hoovering in here.

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