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The Decoy Bride (2011)

Katie: The island has one B&B which offers the traditional Scottish breakfast of haggis, sausage, chips and beans, or if your feeling more metropolitan, you can have the continental breakfast: a bread roll, two Weetabix and a Snickers bar.
Yesterday (2019)

Jack: Uh, it's free with any purchase. Songs with your Snickers, music with your multi-packs.

Action: Twelfth Step To Hell (1999)

Adam Rafkin: I'm getting you a Snickers. I'm going to be right back. I'm going to get. Yes. I'm going to get you a Snickers bar.
Dead Like Me: Haunted (2004)

Jose Feldman: Take a Snickers for the road.
Green Wing: Lodgers (2004)

Cafeteria Employee: What have you got down the front of your trousers?
Doctor: Trousers?
Cafeteria Employee: A Snickers 50 percent bigger size, I saw you through the two way mirror.
Timeless: Pilot (2016)

Mom: Please say that you brought me a Snickers.
Wonderfalls: Wax Lion (2004)

Jaye: Just low blood sugar. Ate a Snickers.

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