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General Electric (GE)

Branded (2012)

Abby: Dear Mr. Mayakovsky, it would be our pleasure to invite you to the United States to share with us your fascinating new ideas about advertising. This is from the president of General Electric.
Misha: A lot of Lenin's guys lectured for American companies, and, as you can see, the Americans studied well.
Comet (2014)

Dell: You've boxed up a lot of old kitchen appliances over there which means you've either declared a fatwa on General Electric or you're wedding registering the f--k out of your friends and family.
Refuge (2012)

30 Rock: The "C" Word (2007)

Jack: I've invited him to join me at a GE charity golf tournament in Connecticut.
30 Rock: Anna Howard Shaw Day (2010)

Jack: I learned to talk to gorillas when I worked for GE Medical. Uh, we're going to test poisons on you.
30 Rock: Audition Day (2010)

Jack: I'm not a drug addict. I am an executive with the General Electric Corporation and I just need to get my medicine.
30 Rock: Brooklyn Without Limits (2010)

Liz: Big business is what's screwing up this country.
Jack: Please, Lemon, you work for General Electric!
30 Rock: College (2010)

Jack: I've been a GE man for 25 years. And a GE woman for one week of corporate espionage at Revlon.
Jack: Every GE product has to be no more than six sigmas from perfection.
30 Rock: Cooter (2008)

Jack: The head of GE serves his country. He provides jobs. Fuels innovation. He brings good things to light.
30 Rock: Do-Over (2008)

Jack: Think about the jobs, the economy. This is GE!
Devin: It's just G now. I sold the E. To Samsung. Their Samesung now.
30 Rock: Don Geiss, America and Hope (2010)

Jack: GE gave me the finest education known to man. I learned how to develop new products, innovate new technologies. We brought good things to life and bad things to Chinese rivers.
30 Rock: The Fighting Irish (2007)

Liz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years.
Other Liz: Well hopefully I'll still be working for GE. It's a great company for working moms.
30 Rock: Hard Ball (2007)

Martha Blanch: We are calling for a boycott of NBC, General Electric, and their parent company the Sheinhardt Wig Corporation.

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