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American Airlines

Helvetica (2007)

Home Alone (1990)

Up in the Air (2009)

Alex: This is the American Airlines...
Ryan: It's a Concierge Key, yeah...
Alex: What is that, carbon fiber?
Ryan: Graphite.
Alex: Oh, God, I love the weight.
Ryan: I was pretty excited the day that bad boy came in.
Alex: Yeah. I'll say.

30 Rock: Chain Reaction Of Mental Anguish (2010)

Donald: Daddy, can I have $50,000 to start a business where people can call in and get air quality reports from all across the United States? I'm gonna call it...
Jack: Donald, no.
Donald: American Airlines.
The New Adventures of Old Christine: A Decent Proposal (2008)

Christine: American Airlines flies there.

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