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tic tac

Colossal (2016)

Joel: Want a Tic Tac?
Gloria: Why, does my breath smell?
Juno (2007)

Bleeker: Did you put like a hundred things of Tic Tacs in my mailbox?
Juno: Yeah. That was me.
Bleeker: Why?
Juno: Because they’re your fave. And you can never have too much of your favorite one calorie breath mint.
Bleeker: Well thanks. I think I’m pretty much set until college on the Tic Tac front.
To Rome with Love (2012)

John: Two minutes ago she popped a Tic Tac. What do you think that's about?
Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018)

Travis: Dude, you need a Tic Tac.

Being Human (UK): Making History (2012)

Alex: Firstly, someone needs a Tic Tac.
tic tac
Little Britain: Series 1 Episode 4 (2003)

Paramedic: Got it tic tac.

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