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About Adam (2000)

Peggy: Adam always remembered as a little fellow when they went for walks they would pass by this big fancy car sales place and his dad had a big thing about this particular car. A Jaguar.
Adam: Just look at that Jag he would say. That has to be the most wonderful thing in the world.
Peggy: His dad was always promising his mom that when they had a bit of money to splash out he would buy her one.
Adam: My dad always used to say Rolls Royce for class, Mercedes for comfort and a Jaguar is sex on wheels.
Catwoman (2004)

Experimenter (2015)

Stanley: A Jaguar, right. What's he going to think?
Paul: I don't know a single tenured professor who drives a Jaguar.
The Fast and the Furious (1955)

Gas Station Attendant: She does. But he don't seem like the Jag type.
Police: Do you know what they were driving? Can you remember?
Mr. Neilson: Jag! Jag!
Police: Jag. Suppose he means by that?
Police: Jag, what Jag? Jaguar. Jaguar, it's a racing car.
Officer Faraday: We're looking for someone who might be hiding out in the park. We think he was driving a Jaguar.
Racer: They figured he's gonna be driving a Jaguar.
Racer: Hey, that's a nice looking Jag you got there.
Frank: Connie, look, you're a smart girl, you know a lot about Jaguars, but don't tell me about a fix in a small town when it's mad or a card game when you haven't got any cards.
Police: The white Jag! Here he comes!
Knife in the Water (1962)

Hitchhiker: I saw a Mercedes 190 and two Jaguars in Warsaw.
Skyfall (2012)

30 Rock: The "C" Word (2007)

Tracy: She threw up right in the middle of a Jaguar dealership.
Elementary: The Grand Experiment (2014)

Toby: Someone blew up a Jaguar the other day.
Green Wing: Caroline's First Day (2004)

Doctor 1: Martin, Conswala called, left a message urgent.
Martin: Who?
Doctor 1: Conswala? Your young Brazilian wife, something about your 1957 Jaguar being delivered.
Orphan Black: Variation Under Nature (2013)

Mrs. S: New clothes and a Jaguar do not a mother make.
Snuff Box: Oh Brothers (2006)

Matt: You still driving that stolen Jag?
True Blood: Hard-Hearted Hannah (2009)

Tara: Besides, if I have to drive a car and look at a map at the same time I'll crash your Jag.

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