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About Time (2013)

Harry: I'm here to celebrate true love not scribble my illegible signature on stupid bits of paper that you can flog on eBay so that at the next wedding you can wear a less hideous hat.
Bella (2006)

Nina: I don't know what I'm going to do with this dress. Probably put it on eBay.
The Day I Saw Your Heart (2011)

Dom: I dreamed my father sold the baby on Ebay. I tried to buy it to give it back to Suzanne, but our PayPal account was closed. Do we have a PayPal account?
The Decoy Bride (2011)

James: Uh, who to? What, oh ... I'll just leave it blank for eBay.
Girl on a Bicycle (2013)

Paolo: No, I got it on eBay. I drove it all the way here. It's fantastic.
Grabbers (2012)

Paddy: Could you put it on the eBay? Do you think?
Dr. Adam Smith: You're, you're not putting this on eBay.
It's a Disaster (2012)

Shane: I'm on eBay.
Buck: Why are you on eBay?
Jurassic World (2015)

Lowery: I got it on eBay. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I got it for $150, but the mint condition one goes for $300.
Knights of Badassdom (2013)

Joe: In the book, the f---ing eBay book, man.
La La Land (2016)

Newlyweds (2011)

Buzzy: I got a bunch of shit here that I was gonna give to St. Vincent's De Paul. All right, maybe sell it on Ebay, get yourself 50 bucks, 100 bucks.
Buzzy: 'Cause he can sell it on Ebay. He can get a couple of bucks on that.
The Other Woman (2009)

William: Emilia, do you know what eBay is?
Emilia: Yes, I do.
William: My friend Bailey's dad sells things on eBay. He takes all their old stuff they don't need anymore, like Bailey's old bike and sells it.
William: We should, we should sell the baby's stuff on ebay. We can sell the crib. The crib costs exactly $1,311.
William: That's how eBay works. Take all the old stuff you don't need anymore, and people give you money for it.
Emilia: We wouldn't get $10,000 for the crib on eBay, O.K., William?
Emilia: Just shut up about eBay!
Emilia: William suggested that we sell the baby's things on eBay.
William: Well, I wanted to do eBay, and I was trying to think of things we aren't using. So I figured the baby's dead, she's not gonna be using her stuff anymore.
Run Fatboy Run (2007)

Gordon: Oh, hey, I got you those tickets.
Dennis: They were for yesterday.
Gordon: What? So now you don't want 'em?
Dennis: Why would I want them?
Gordon: Put them on eBay.
Dennis: Who's gonna wanna buy tickets... for something that happened yesterday?
Gordon: Time travelers.
Strigoi (2009)

You kids don't know anything about the old traditions. What are you going to do when we die? Sell us on Ebay huh?
Take Me Home (2011)

Thom: Leave your crap, I'll sell it on eBay, and you just go on your merry way.
Transformers (2007)

Sam: You can tell your folks. It's on eBay. I take PayPal.
Barricade: Where is eBay item 21153?
Sam: Well, 'cause the other one was talking about my eBay page.

30 Rock: Christmas Special (2008)

Liz: It was just two dudes, Kenneth. They scammed me, and now they're selling that stuff on Ebay.
Being Human (UK): The Greater Good (2013)

Bobby: It's the Bell-Tone 500.
Tom: Yeah, I got it off the eBay.
Being Human (UK): Long Live The King (2010)

Chief Constable: I've got an extension to finish, not to mention the wife's bloody eBay habit.
Being Human (UK): Pie and Prejudice (2013)

Larry: So, what next? I'm guessing straight on eBay.
The Crazy Ones: Pilot (2013)

Simon: How much you think a Cleo goes for on eBay?
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: The Scarlet Neighbor (2013)

June: That hat right there means he belongs to a yacht club.
Chloe: Or he's bald and understands eBay.
Elementary: Dead Clade Walking (2014)

Joan: Oh, so you're writing a fake 95 Theses. And then what?
Sherlock: I'm going to pose as someone who has recently inherited it, and has no idea of what its worth. There are web sites which track the availabilities of such things. I suppose eBay is always an option.
The Ex List: Climb Every Mountain Biker (2008)

Cyrus: And an eBay store that sells collectible porcelain dolls.
Gravity: Damn Skippy (2010)

Lilly's Dad: Because you're taking the dolls. I figure you're gonna put them on eBay or something?
Green Wing: Episode 1 (2006)

Dr. Caroline: Ooh, nice fin.
Dr. Martin: Oh, thanks, yeah. Got it off eBay.
Green Wing: Episode 6 (2006)

Caroline: Your key ring.
Jake: No, it's a Tamagotchi, look.
Caroline: There from, what, about 1987?
Jake: I've kept her alive 12 years. I could get about eight grand for here on eBay.
iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead (2015)

Major: Where'd you get those shoes?
Zombie: eBay.
The Michael J. Fox Show: Secret (2014)

Eve: Ian wants to break it open.
Ian: Yeah.
Eve: Graham wants to trade it for a rock, and I want to sell it on Ebay.
The Office (US): Did I Stutter? (2008)

Dwight: I've got to monitor a three-way bidding war for my car on eBay.
The Office (US): The Job (2006)

Michael: I sold it on Ebay.
Michael: I think I could back out of the sale. Probably get some negative feedback on my Ebay profile.
The Office (US): Michael's Birthday (2006)

Dwight: Maybe I should get one.
Michael: Good luck. One of a kind.
Dwight: EBay.
Party Animals: Episode 4 (2007)

Scott: You know how people get addicted to eBay? He was like that, only with the British constitution.
Suburgatory: Junior Secretary's Day (2013)

Sheila: I recently purchased a case of rat bombs from Australia on eBay. Technically they're illegal here, but they can take out a full grown wallaby in under 30 seconds.

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