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Killers (2010)

Logorama (2009)

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Alice: Any of this sound familiar? Mikey, Carlos, L.J.? K-Mart?
Claire: They're holding survivors to experiment on them. Look. It's K-Mart.
Alice: K-Mart, it's okay. It's okay. K-Mart, it's all right.
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Alice: Whats your name?
K-Mart: K-Mart. It's where they found me.

30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo (2009)

Dennis: One word. Coffee. One problem. Where do you get it?
Liz: Anywhere. You get it anywhere.
Dennis: Wrong. You get it at my coffee vending machine. 38th and 6th in the basement of the Kmart.
30 Rock: Christmas Attack Zone (2010)

Liz: Merry Christmas eve eve, Jack.
Jack: Likewise, Lemon. Is there any chance you'll still be around tomorrow?
Liz: Sure. You want to go to the Penn Station Kmart with me and then watch Tootsie?
Liz: Jack, what are you doing? You promised me a drama-free dinner. I could be sitting at the corner table at the Kmart cafe right now.

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