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Astrópía (2007)

Dagur: Believe it or not it's grandpa's Volvo story.
Branded (2012)

Good Bye Lenin! (2003)

Ariane: He drives a Volvo station wagon and wears gold-rimmed glasses.
I Give It a Year (2013)

Nat: I mean, you're charming and twinkly. Look, you're a Ferrari and he's a Volvo and right now I just need to be behind the wheel of a Volvo. I need. I need reliability and to be able to get from A to B safe and unhurt.
Killers (2010)

Jen: God, those Volvos are amazing.
The Longest Week (2014)

Dylan: I bought her a Volvo.
Conrad: You bought her a... Why do you always buy them a Volvo?
Dylan: I don't know. It's like a free ticket to leave. How can I feel guilty, you know? I bought her a Volvo.
Narrator: Sitting at Beatrice's piano, Conrad quietly read Dylan's note. "In lieu of unnecessary explanations, please enjoy this Volvo".
Dylan: And I want my Volvo back. That was just a joke.
Mad Max (1979)

Price Check (2012)

Pete: Um, did you go to the Volvo dealership?
Sara: Yeah, I went for a test drive. We need a new car. Ours keeps breaking down, and besides, I feel like such a loser when I drop Henry off in my crappy car.
Pete: I thought you hate all the moms at school with their 4x4s.
Sara: I do, but Volvos are different.
Red State (2011)

Sherrif Wynan: Jesus Christ, just go out and find the damn car, will ya? It's a blue Volvo station wagon.
The Rock (1996)

Stanley: Hey listen I'm just a biochemist. I drive a Volvo. A beige one. So what do you say you cut me some freaking slack.
Twilight (2008)

The Worst Week of My Life: Sunday (2004)

Cassie: We made love in his Volvo!
Cassie: Howard, you remember that lay-by we made love in after the Christmas party? In your Volvo.
The Worst Week of My Life: Thursday (2004)

Howard: There was no relationship. We had sex in my Volvo.

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