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Aaah! Zombies!! (2007)

Tim: Sounds like a computer. Did you call AOL?
Vanessa: Why the f#$% would I call AOL?
Chef (2014)

Riva: You know that his online blog was sold to AOL.
Carl: For $10 million.
Comet (2014)

Dell: You still have an AOL account. I don't wanna be with a person like that.
The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Guy in shower: She gave me her number it's been like three days. I saw swingers. I know how these things work.
Recording: Hello, and welcome to AOL Moviefone.

New Girl: Keaton (2013)

Nick: I'm the owner of the e-mail address
Suburgatory: How to Be a Baby (2013)

Noah: I wrote you 42 e-mails, one e-mail a day for 42 days.
Carmen: What address did you use?
Noah: The A.O.L. one.
Carmen: I don't check that account.

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