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Baby Mama (2008)

Kate: Angie, what kind of food is this for a pregnant woman? Dr. Pepper, Pringles, Tastykakes? Red Bull? Angie, Red Bull?
Chronicle (2012)

John Hodgman: Ragnarok (2013)

John: He said, "Are you growing that mustache because you have landed the lead role in the major motion picture based on Pringles?
Logorama (2009)

Action: One Easy Piece (2000)

Jenny: Or tomorrow the only line you'll be delivering is "The Pringles are on isle 3".
Ally McBeal: One Hundred Tears Away (1997)

Mrs. Clarkson: I don't want to be a troublemaker, but these other Pringles are the ridged ones, and I have trouble with ridges.
Ally: Ma'am, after you put them down on the shelf, you picked up Ruffles. Ruffles have ridges. Now why would you enter into the throes of considering Ruffles if you have trouble with ridges?
Mrs. Clarkson: These are my Pringles!
Ally: Okay, fine you can have the Pringles, but let's just be honest here. You decided not to buy them, and when you saw that I wanted them, you decided that you wanted them back.
Mrs. Clarkson: You pissy little thing, pushing your cart in your little Calvin Klein outfit. You probably only chose those chips 'cause I left them on the edge and you wouldn't have to pop a pore to reach 'em.
Ally: Why are you being so mean? Is it because you look how you look?
Mrs. Clarkson: I won't even dignify that. I've got the Pringles.
Ally: I tripped this woman unconscious, I stole sex jelly, and I need you to be my lawyer.
Billy: Okay. I'll meet you at the courthouse.
Ally: And I-- She wanted those Pringles. It wasn't my fault.
Georgia: Can they really suspend her?
Billy: They can, but I bet they just want to look her over, giver here a warning.
Richard: Not that she'd take it. To me, a Pringle shouldn't be a button pusher.
Pink: What were you thinking when you stuck your foot out?
Ally: Only that if she was to walk away with the Pringles, it shouldn't be proudly.
The Crazy Ones: Breakfast Burrito Club (2013)

Andrew: Grab a Can?
Sydney: From the Pringles campaign.
Andrew: Yeah, I know where it's from, I just don't like drawing attention to my...
Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride (2006)

Lance: And then I was stuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new flavor of Pringle.
Peep Show: Mugging (2005)

Jeremy: Hold your horses, honey, I've got coupons for the Pringles.

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