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Pop Tarts

Bird Box (2018)

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Marty: Puppeteers.
Dana: Puppeteers?
Marty: Pop-Tarts? Did you say you have Pop-Tarts?
Dana: Marty, I love you, but you're really high.
Rango (2011)

Rango: Is this heaven?
Spirit: If it were, we'd be eating Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak.
Thor (2011)

Darcy: Also, how could you eat an entire box of Pop-Tarts and still be this hungry?
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)

Dawn: Ring Dings, Pop Tarts, Hawaiian Punch.

30 Rock: Double-Edged Sword (2011)

American Indian: Tracy Jordan asked me to accept this on his behalf because his mouth is full.
Tracy: Pop Tarts!
Dead Like Me: Death Defying (2004)

Vince: You like Pop Tarts?
Dead Like Me: Haunted (2004)

George: You touch my f@#$@ing Pop Tarts again and your monster's going to get it in his sleep.
Once Upon a Time: Lily (2015)

Lily: Would you rather I told them the truth that you were shoplifting Pop-Tarts and I was giving you tips?
Once Upon a Time: The Outsider (2013)

Emma: Hey, kid. You Hungry? I managed to wrangle up a Pop-Tart.
Henry: No, thanks.

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