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Abduction (2011)

About Time (2013)

Albatross (2011)

Bernie (2011)

Bernie: I think we'd like to move some out of financials and into technologies, maybe a little more Apple.
Birdman (2014)

Buddy (2003)

Cafe (2011)

Chef (2014)

Colossal (2016)

Comet (2014)

Cymbeline (2014)

Date Night (2010)

The Decoy Bride (2011)

Katie: What's this? iPhone. Diamond earrings. It's a party bag, isn't it?
Detention (2011)

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010)

Marcus: I didn't know Apple made coffins.
Footloose (2011)

Frank (2014)

Haunter (2013)

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

Hector: Excuse me. Take off your iPod, there's a lion really close by.
Helvetica (2007)

Iron Man (2008)

Kahaani (2012)

Kick-Ass (2010)

Killers (2010)

Logorama (2009)

Machete (2010)

Nerve (2016)

Newlyweds (2011)

Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

Roddy: William Wordsworth. Wordsworth was, of course, the first of the Romantics to use a MacBook Pro.
Parker (2013)

Print the Legend (2014)

Bre: I'm really inspired by Apple because they took a mainframe technology and put it on desktops, and so, in many ways, there's a lot of parallels there.
Red State (2011)

Joseph: They put it in a barn, they hook it up to an iPod of all things and they played these single note trumpet blasts that they pulled off the internet.
Safe (2012)

Self/less (2015)

Sex Drive (2008)

Sex Tape (2014)

Sidewalls (2011)

Mariana: If only my head worked as well as my Mac and I could forget everything with a click.
The Siege (1998)

Spring (2014)

Evan: Taking siestas and being less competitive, that's really nice, but your iPhone was not invented in Europe.
The Switch (2010)

Take This Waltz (2011)

Daniel: I mean, we've only known each other about five weeks, but if you want to start celebrating anniversaries my birthstone is a 17 inch Macbook.
They Came Together (2014)

Joel: Hey, look. I got a brand new phone. What is that, an iPhone? Yeah, I've gotta to to the Apple Store.
This Is 40 (2012)

Thor (2011)

Darcy: They even took my iPod.
Darcy: I just downloaded, like, 30 songs onto there.
Jane: Could you please stop with your iPod?
Trainwreck (2015)

Twilight (2008)

Vamps (2012)

Goody: I mean, guys used to want to sing or paint or write. Now, it's like iPod hits and webisodes.
Danny: See what's going down now is that all your cell phones and your iPhones and all the computers are helping them find you.
Renfield: Forget cell phones, forget iPhones, forget PowerBooks, forget iPads.
Goody: Yay.
Renfild: Now I can do everything I want with my iPad mini.
Stacy: It's okay. We don't have to get the iPad minis.
Warm Bodies (2013)

Julie: What's with all the vinyl? Couldn't figure out how to work an iPod?
Zoolander (2001)

30 Rock: Black Tie (2007)

Josh: Your mom is so stupid she thinks an iMac is a new hamburger at McDonalds.
The Crazy Ones: Pilot (2013)

Sydney: Kelly, the reason that I went into advertising, besides my father, was the Apple commercial of 1987.
Doctor Who: The Power of Three (2012)

Doctor: And all around the world people are picking them up and taking them home.
Kate: Like iPads have dropped out of the sky.
The IT Crowd: The Final Countdown (2010)

Roy: Listen, Allister, I just wanted to say, I'm not a window cleaner. No, no. I work in IT. Yeah, yeah, with computers and all that. Macs? No, I really just work with Windows.
The IT Crowd: Italian for Beginners (2010)

Douglas: Before we go on, Linda, do you need to go to the toilet?
Linda: No.
Douglas: Then why are you doing a wee-wee walk? It's incredibly odd and distracting. Maybe it's just me.
Jen: No. No. It's not just you Douglas. I'm also finding it very distracting. Sorry, Linda.
Linda: Don't worry about it, Jen. It is not a wee-wee walk. I'm actually doing a round the world virtual triathlon for charity using an iPhone application in Google Maps.
Douglas: No, do go on and congratulations on getting an iPhone.
Moss: There's an iPhone. Jen. An actual iPhone
Jen: I need your password. I need the password of the translation program.
Moss: Help me get the iPhone first.
Moss: But it's an iPhone, Jen. I may be able to get an iPhone without giving any money to Apple. I'll be living the dream.
The IT Crowd: The Speech (2008)

Roy: Could we tell that there is an apple inside of every Apple Mac?
iZombie: The Exterminator (2015)

Jerome: His iPod is still in its dock, okay? If you knew Eddie, you'd know he didn't plan on leaving.
The Middle: The Smile (2013)

Brick: Have you guys seen my iPad?
Frankie: I know what you're thinking. 80% of our appliances have duct tape on 'em. How the hell did Brick get an iPad? Well, when a kid really wants something, they chip away at you like a lumberjack on a redwood.
Brick: Can you guys buy me an iPad?
Brick: So the iPad? Yes or no?
Frankie: Brick, the only way you're getting an iPad is if you're in Steve Jobs' will.
Brick: Dad, can you please get me an iPad?
Mike: I'm heating up my coffee with a hair dryer. What do you think?
Brick: I don't think you realize what getting me an iPad would mean. For example when we go on trips, you wouldn't have to lug around all my books.
Frankie: Are we still talking about that iPad? You know, it was funny the first 70 times, now it's starting to get old.
Frankie: You can dust all you want, Brick. You're not getting an iPad.
Frankie: Yeah, it's a great way to make friends, but you're not getting an iPad.
Brick: So I was talking to mom about the iPad, and she thinks it'd be a great way for me to make friends.
Mike: Friends? I thought you wanted this thing for school.
Brick: Dad liked your friend idea, but he thinks the iPad should be used more for school.
Brick: Dad's on board with getting the iPad, but he thinks middle school is a long way off.
Brick: So, since dad thought middle school was so far away, I was just thinking you guys could give me the iPad for my graduation present.
Frankie: Stop bugging me, both of you. We are not talking about the iPad, and we are not going to Red Lobster.
Brick: Allow me to show you this PowerPoint presentation of why I should get my iPad now instead of waiting for graduation.
Mike: Graduation? What are you talking about?
Brick: Mom, said I could get one for graduation. Now keep in mind that this would look a lot better if it were presented on an actual iPad.
Brick: So since we have established that you agree that the iPad would be great for graduation.
Mike: What the hell is going on? We're out on a Wednesday night. We're talking about iPads. Who are we? New rule-- no one asks for anything unless we're both in the room.
Brick: Okay, so can I have an iPad
Mike: No.
Modern Family: Game Changer (2010)

Luke: Where's mom.
Phil: You mean the greatest woman in the world? She is standing in line at the Apple store, making all my birthday wishes come true.
Modern Family: Mistery Date (2012)

Claire: Phil, you have two whole days to yourself. Pleas tell me you're not gonna spend them trying to wire the house to your iPad.
Phil: Nope, 'cause I've already done it.
New Girl: Neighbors (2012)

Schmidt: I'm like Snow Leopard. You guys are like DOS.
Parks and Recreation: Anniversaries (2014)

Tom: Why are we wasting our time with these old people anyway? They're like the old version of iTunes. We're like the new version of iTunes baby. We're gonna be here forever.
Parks and Recreation: Prom (2014)

Leslie: Aw, did you want to DJ, little puppy? I didn't know that little puppies could operate an iPod with their little puppy paws.
Party Animals: Episode 1 (2007)

Lobbyist: Scott, you'll be bringing in the obvious Home Office players, but on top of that, though, we need some Tories.
Scott: Tories?
Lobbyist: Listening to Kanye West on their iPods, hugging hoodies.
Peep Show: Jeremy Makes It (2004)

Mark: Boring? What, cos he doesn't go around with a haircut and an iPod and piercings and a strap-on?
Peep Show: Sistering (2005)

Mark: Sarah's broken up with Simon? That's terrible. Never get my iPod speakers back now. Still, on the bright side, the base response was pretty awful.
Revolution: Chained Heat (2012)

Aaron: What are you doing with an iPhone?
Snuff Box: Love Triangle (2006)

Priest: Well, I use my girlfriend's Mac. But given a choice, I'd sling it, I'd buy a PC any day.
Matt: What's wrong with Macs?
Priest: Well, they're aimed at kids and posers, aren't they? You want a computer that looks like a computer, not a f@#$ing cigarette case.
Matt: So why would you say something stupid like that?
Priest: Because I don't like f@#$ing Macs!

Matt: What kind of computer do you use, Rich?
Rich: Oh, I use a Mac. They're much better for making my squirrel movies.
Matt: Exactly. And you prefer the Mac, right?
Rich: Oh, yeah, like I said...
Matt: Not you, you prick. The condemned chap.
Condemned Man: I've used both.
Matt: You'll have to speak up, fellow, I can't hear you with that white hood on.
Condemned Man: I've used both at work. But to be honest if push came to shove I'd never use a Mac. Not only do they look odd...
Matt: Not only do they look odd, but they... Ooh, my neck hurts.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Goes on a Date! (2015)

Kimmy: Wow. Is this a Macintosh?
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Has a Birthday! (2015)

Logan: Oh, and FYI, they're coming out with a new iPhone today, which means all our old phones are gonna completely--

El Lobo Rojo: Episode 1 (2008)

Phil: I think Apple releases new versions of iTunes way way to frequently.

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