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Disturbia (2007)

Kale: You canceled my Xbox.
Julie: iTunes, too.
Kale: Ronnie, you have no idea how much this thing itches. Plus, my mother transformed. She's a dictator now, like the warden from Shawshank. And she took my Xbox. And my iTunes are gone, right?

A to Z: G is for Geronimo (2014)

Andrew: I almost opened Pandora's box.
Dinesh: You know, that makes no sense because, um, you're using iTunes, not Pandora.
Dinesh: 'cause Pandora is a streaming service, and iTunes is a local base, and that's how it's ...

El Lobo Rojo: Episode 1 (2008)

Phil: I think Apple releases new versions of iTunes way way to frequently.

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