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Buried (2010)

Chef (2014)

Carl: What kind of website could a 10 year old get on that has bad language?
Percy: YouTube.
Carl: YouTube has bad language?
Tony: They put you on YouTube.
Carl: I know.
Tony: I felt so responsible for that shit. That shit was funny, by the way.
Disturbia (2007)

Ronnie: Soon to be the most popular video on YouTube.
Frank (2014)

Hancock (2008)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Tom Manning: I suppress each photo. Cell phone videos. They cost me a fortune and they show up on YouTube. God, I hate YouTube.
Hits (2014)

Iron Man 2 (2010)

La La Land (2016)

Lazer Team (2015)

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Thin (2016)

Tammy Strobel: I found a YouTube video, saw the tiny houses and I was hooked.
Morning Glory (2010)

Becky: Hey, look, we got 80,000 hits on YouTube already.
Mr. Roosevelt (2017)

Emily: Guess my YouTube came in handy for something.
Jen: F--k yeah!
Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Ava: I love that. I found it on YouTube.
Our Idiot Brother (2011)

Arabella: My lawyer said that you agreed not to ask about him and the whole YouTube thing.
Miranda: Absolutely. Yeah. Everybody's dated a jerk, so at the end of the day, that is just an old, boring story.
Safe (2012)

Luke: Where'd you find him, in a #$%@&$@ playground.
some guy: YouTube, you @##$%$#. The kid's an internet sensation, until you put him in a coma...
Sidewalls (2011)

Skyfall (2012)

30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo (2009)

Frank: I found it. It's on YouTube.
A to Z: D is for Debbie (2014)

Stu: Hey, Andrew, some of these YouTube stars have like millions of subscribers. I bet if we convince one of these guys to put up a profile on Wallflower, our site traffic will go through the roof.
Stephie: A million YouTube subscribers? Wow! That's amazing, Tyler.
Being Human (UK): Making History (2012)

Cutler: The coroner's report, the YouTube footage, that was just preparing the ground.
Being Human (UK): Puppy Love (2012)

Allison: Yes, obviously I didn't want to approach straight away. Because I didn't know what sort of idiot exposes himself on YouTube like that. So I thought I'd perform a little surveillance first. But that's when you blew my cover! So what sort of idiot does expose himself on YouTube like that?
Defying Gravity: Pilot (2009)

Paula: Ah, our favorite place, the observation deck, where we look at our amazing universe and watch movies and YouTube from our data bank.
Doctor Who: The Power of Three (2012)

Kate: Taking them to work, taking pictures, making films, posting them on Flickr and YouTube.
The Good Place: Everything is Bonzer! (2018)

Henry: But on the bright side, I lost control of my bladder. Someone got it on video, and now Leg Press Whizzer has has 62,000 views on YouTube. I'm famous.
The Good Place: Mindy St. Claire (2017)

Checkout Lady: So, big plans this weekend?
Eleanor: Yep. I'm gonna sit alone in my house watching wedding fails on YouTube, drinking margaritas through a Twizzlers straw until I pass out on top of my vibrator.
Gravity: One Cold Swim Away (2010)

Christian: See, I was, I was looking into Lily's case, and I couldn't help but stumble upon your whole cliff, car, you know, YouTube video suicide dummy thing.
Gravity: Suicide Dummies (2010)

Reporter: Robert Collingsworth, and ophthalmologist from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, forever be known as the "Suicide Dummy". A tape of his ill fated attempt to drive off the palisades cliff, was caught on tape by the patrons of the gay cruise ship that he landed on. And millions have wtched it on YouTube.
Heroes: The Second Coming (2008)

Reporter: The shocking footage that has been played over and over on news outlets and YouTube has created a--
Limitless: Hi, My Name is Rebecca Harris (2016)

Brian: Fair warning: Even though I may have studied up on my YouTube electroencephalography skills, I am still by no means an expert.
The Office (US): Business Ethics (2008)

Michael: When I discovered YouTube, I didn't work for five days. I did nothing. I viewed cookie monster sings chocolate rain about 1,000 times.
The Office (US): Product Recall (2006)

Pam: its just the Scranton Times.
Michael: No then Newsweek picks its up and then CNN does a story about it then YouTube gets a hold of it.
Parks and Recreation: Fluoride (2013)

Tom: This morning I saw a YouTube clip of a little puppy riding a motorcycle. So my bar for "stunning" is pretty high.
Parks and Recreation: Galentine's Day (2014)

April: I love watching Russian traffic accidents on Youtube while I play children's music at the wrong rpm.
Sleepy Hollow: The Golem (2013)

Irving: It's called a vine, but it has absolutely nothing to do with shrubbery?
Macey: Yeah, it's a video, six seconds long.
Irving: On YouTube?
Macey: No, YouTube videos are, like, three minutes long. No one has time for that.
Suburgatory: Krampus (2012)

Dalia: I'll do like Yeezy did Keezy. I'll write a song about Carmen, then I'll shoot a music video, then I'll put it on YouTube, then I'll hire a publicist, then I'll make it go viral, then I'll send Carmen a link, then I'll make all the comments say things like, wow, that girl really loves Carmen.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Makes Waffles! (2015)

Vonda: Ronald Effing Wilkerson! I saw your little video on the YouTube. I thought you was dead.
Under the Dome: Manhunt (2013)

Ben: Too bad we can't upload that video to YouTube.
The Venture Brothers: Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny (2008)

Monarch: Oh man. If that shows up on YouTube.


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