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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Asset (2013)

Skye: But I've got an invitation. Well, technically, it's an E-Vite.
Life Unexpected: Father Unfigured (2010)

Cate: It's eco-friendly.
Ryan: It's insane.
Cate: It's green.
Ryan: It's insane. Look, Evites are for -- they're for barbecues.
Cate: Mm-hmm.
Ryan: Or the Super Bowl, okay? They are not for weddings.
Cate: And for those of you who have yet to RSVP, it's an Evite. It couldn't be easier.
New Girl: Santa (2012)

Sam: I knew you were gonna be there, cause I saw the comments on the Evite. Amazeballs, can't wait.

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