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Flypaper (2011)

Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Pat: Well, it becomes my problem when Mom calls me in the middle of a business meeting.
Jeff: Yeah? you're having a business meeting at Hooters?
Pat: Yeah. Yes.
Jeff: That's very classy.
Jeff: And now you're here at this weird Hooters thing.
Sleepwalk with Me (2012)

Waitress: So tell me if you think this is crazy. My other job is at Hooters, which is really crazy because one of my boobs is bigger than the other boob.
Someone Marry Barry (2014)

Melanie: I think they have incredible cuisine at Hooters, but most people don't notice 'cause of all the massive @#$%.
Barry: I know, the @#$% are distracting.
View from the Top (2003)

Sherry: I worked for Sierrra Airlines, you know. I put that down there. Yeah, right above Hooters.
John: Hooters?

My Name is Earl: Monkeys Take a Bath (2008)

Kay: Your father is no angel, you know. I once found a Hooters receipt in his jean jacket pocket.
The Office (US): A Benihana Christmas (2006)

Andy: I know the perfect place to.
Michael: Hooters?
Andy: No Benihana. Much classier.
Michael: Come on were going to Asian Hooters.
The Office (US): Branch Closing (2006)

Kevin: Hooters.
The Office (US): Casino Night (2006)

Toby: And Hooters is catering.
Michael: Can I get you a drink. The food is from Hooters.
The Office (US): The Merger (2006)

Angela: Well maybe that’s because some people treat it like their own private Hooters strip club.
Michael: Wow Angela hold on. Hooters is a restaurant. With over 400 locations world wide.
The Office (US): The Secret (2006)

Michael: Why do I like Hooters? Well I will give you two reasons.

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