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Paul Huddleston:
Nice to see Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay feature on #JonathanCreek - that's product placement I can live with.
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Bojangles The Clown:
Nice try Sony, your product placement won't work on me... *runs to dig out floppy disks and hug them* #Jonathancreek
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@ratchet34321 watching Jonathan Creek, theres some dubious product placement going on considering its the BBC
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Still watching old Johnathan Creek on Netflix. I can't believe some of the blatant product placement in some of the episodes.
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Is the BBC product placement kicking in? Seen prominent displays of HP and Philips logos so far in #JonathanCreek
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And the award for most spectacular product placement in a TV Show goes to Jonathan Creek! @alandavies1
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