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Barbie Furtado:
I'd never seen a tv show with as much product placement as Hawaii Five-0, then I started #Psych and wow!
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Mana Usagi Arthuria:
Ich kenne keine andere Sendung, die mehr Product Placement beinhaltet als #Psych
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eric grundhauser:
It's probably just product placement, but I'd like to think Shawn and Gus are as into Arby's as I am. #psych
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Longbrnch Pennywhist:
Obvious product placement; Woody w Heineken he keeps in the morgue drawers #PsychRewatch
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Mary Rose Devine:
I enjoy the totally up front Red Robin product placement in #Psych. #veryhonest
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Steevo Andrews:
I truly love the blatant and unapologetic product placement in psych season 7.
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Jordan Stich:
I am continually impressed by the product placement in Psych. There are some fantastic products featured nearly every episode.
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Jordan Stich:
I usually despise product placement, but I am really enjoying it in Psych and I don't know why.
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Hannah Garbison:
The amount of product placement in the 6th season of Psych is almost unbearable....
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Logan Judy:
Psych has the most shameless product placement in television.
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Joe Lemble:
Watching season 7 of Psych and the amount of product placement is unreal.
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Aboli Kumthekar:
@Psych_USA the product placement in #Psych is getting offensively out of hand... Just trying to watch my shows, not advertisements
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I forgot how charming Psych's product placement is.
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MS Burton:
Psych episode with Doritos product placement. Now I want chips. Damn you successful product placement.
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westley :
i love how obvious they make the product placement in psych
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Julia Flass:
Season 7 ep. 8 of psych is like one big sponsored product placement for iPhones and siri
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Katie Gialenios:
Ugh. Too much product placement bothers me. #psych
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And even with the blatant product placement, this ending is perfect. #Psych 
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Some serious product placement happening in Psych's final ep #PsychOut
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Chackolate :
All the coke products, such subtle product placement! :P #psychOUT
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Chrysler and Coke product placement in the first 30 seconds. Selling out this episode hard. #psychOUT
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Kris Da Hoomahn:
Psych also has some of the most blatant product placement ever
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The product placement on Psych is so awful that I almost appreciate it. They're not even trying to pretend it's organic.
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Good Man Color:
Wait, Psych. Is that a Windows branded laptop running OS X? Great product placement, Microsoft.
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I absolutely love the amount of product placement in Psych. It's great. So many brands.
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Sara Long:
I want skittles. Damn you product placement in Psych.
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just watched the blueberry get destroyed on Psych. Clearly someone didn't pay for their product placement :D
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Teresa Rodriguez:
@Psych_USA Way to sneak in some product placement. #Expedia #Psych
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Roman G.:
Hm, in Psych they get money from MS for product placement but usually use Apple and Philips laptops alongside the MS laptop nonetheless ^^
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Kellie Suttle:
I love the subtlety of the product placement in Psych. #PsychRemake
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Kevin Mark:
The product placement in Psych is so obvious it's hilarious.
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Aaron Mead:
When Shawn does blatant product placement I don't even care cause it's always hilarious #Psych
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Sara :
@Psych_USA For the Ultimate Fan Episode... would a Tears for Fears or @curtsmith album be "acceptable" product placement?
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Quirrell Isathief:
The product placement in Psych is one of my favourite things about the show cause it's done so well ~Crookshanks
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Quirrell Isathief:
There's so much product placement in Psych but it's just Great??? Like they literally stop and have a hilariously...
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Sarah Olsen:
@patiomensch No one does product placement like Psych: so masterfully blatant, so seamlessly silly, so heavily favoring junk food.
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i see that skype product placement, halfway through #psychthemusical
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patrick mcnair jr:
omg watching the daredevils episode of psych......omg such Dunkin product placement
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Psych and their product placement, ah #skype
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Aubree Lemons:
How much did #Skype pay for product placement in #PsychTheMusical ?Seems logical to use #facetime since they all have iPhones...
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Chip Pate:
#PsychTheMusical would never stoop to shameless product placement. If you don't believe it, Skype me. @Psych_USA
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Jim Hicks:
Oh look @skype product placement in the @Psych_USA musical.
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Emma Deats:
nice skype product placement @Psych_USA
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Tara Cooley:
@Psych_USA nice product placement
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Matt Sutton:
Great use of product placement @Psych_USA @Skype #psychthemusical
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Karen Elizabeth:
Hello, product placement. #skype #PsychTheMusical
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Frenchie, eh.:
SKYPE PRODUCT PLACEMENT! #PsychTheMusical #PsychMusicalChat
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Marc A. Pitman:
Skype product placement? #PsychTheMusical
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Tiia Kitti:
RT @shameonyoudule: Mexican Coke product placement. #PsychTheMusical
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Mexican Coke product placement. #PsychTheMusical
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