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The product placement in The L Word is hilarious to me for some gd reason...Dos Equis, Silk soy milk, etc
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Did the L word have a product placement deal with Dos Equis or is it the beer of choice for lesbians?
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Alina Gabriela:
The product placement on The L Word is out of control.
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Why does everyone on The L Word bulk buy Sol
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Mistress Delicious:
Is the l word season 2 just product placement for dos equis
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dancin' bobby:
if one show excelled horrendously at product placement, it was The L Word
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Literal Shipley:
laffing @ the Silk Soy Milkā„¢ product placement in these stills from The L Word
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I cannot take all the product placement in The L Word for Dos Equis. I really could go for one right now.
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@AndyMoneysays it must be. Subaru def had product placement in The L Word (hella lezzie show) multiple times **
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Watching "The L Word" and nothing makes me happier than seeing @burtonsnowboard product placement. #vt #vermont
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Watching the L word to find product placement. Heh heh heh.
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There was The L Word. Now its The Real L Word. Next its The Real Black L Word. Hella product placement chucks, vans, Nike, Polo, IHOP lol
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now I want a flip camera. if that scene was supposed to contain product placement, it worked well. #therealLword
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The L Word is full of product placement.
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L Word Season 4 Ep1 - "Are you still using iCal?" "Yep" "Ok I'll do it in iCal" woooah obvious product
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