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Liz Loveland:
It wouldn't be an episode of #WDYTYA without a product placement for one of the subscription sites owned by Ancestry
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@ChelleNZ you seen the 'who do you think you are?' Series? Massive Ancestry dot com product placement.
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Jeff Parr:
RT @Ngoffy: @VickyHewitt @LandRover_UK Good product placement by RR in the Paul Hollywood WDYTYA. RR Sport & Disco Sport. Hope you're betteā€¦
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Neil Gough:
@VickyHewitt @LandRover_UK Good product placement by RR in the Paul Hollywood WDYTYA. RR Sport & Disco Sport. Hope you're better btw
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Jamie Rogers:
I love the blatant @ancestry product placement in @wdytya
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Kirsi Dahl:
@ACoffin must not have paid for product placement. But nice that we all knew who it was anyway! #WDYTYA
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Roman VB:
You know, "Who Do You Think You Are?" may be bold-faced product product placement for but, damn it, it's working...!
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So, what's with the product placement of @AncestryUK in #WDYTYA ?? Thought the BBC was above that sort of thing?
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Who Do You Think You Are includes lots of free product placement for
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@sheeka_s @stephaniebtv It actually isn't a product placement. The show is a partnership with them. promotes WDYTYA
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Interesting product placement fallout: NBC cancels Who Do You Think You Are, share price suffers
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TV show Who Do You Think You Are (which I love) is one big product placement ad campaign for & Apple comps. #justsayin
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"Who Do You Think You Are" just might be the most perfect 47 minutes of product placement EVER.
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i'm watching #whodoyouthinkyouare with reba mcentire and her looks of incredulity are the best. the obvious product placement is also funny.
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Dad's put on US version of 'Who Do You Think You Are'. Watch don't seem to have cut the product placement of a leading ancestry website.
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Watching "Who Do U Think U R?". spent their money well on that product placement. I've never cared abt family trees b4 now.
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Dear NBC: How much did pay you to spam Who Do You Think You Are? with product placement? #fb
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