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Poe Damertthias:
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip wasn't perfect, but it was funny & damn fun. The product placement episode was pure genius.
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Guys, it's a good thing #Studio60 won't do product placement. Because America would lose its respectability.
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@travisbeacham I loved the way they handled product placement in "Studio 60". I'll never forget the Timothy Busfield concept reveal scene.
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@siracusa if product placement is what keeps your favorite show on the air, accept it. See also: Studio 60 s1e9 (but S60 had some bad luck)
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I love 'The Option Period.' Danny and Jordan having an argument about product placement while Danny eats a Snickers. Genius.
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Watching Studio 60. Just got done with the episode complaining about product placement, yet everyone is constantly drinking Red Bull.
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The Studio 60 episode about product placement is an amazing exercise in having your cake and eating it too.
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We are watching the penultimate episode of Studio 60 and I'm noticing really obvious product placement.
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It's ironic that Brad Whitford and Amanda Peet argue about excluding product placement on Studio 60. They've used like, 20 brands so far.
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@jennpozner true, it's 'grafted' onto the content. recently rewatched studio 60, and there's an excellent episode about product placement..
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