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Hollywood Soapbox:
The product placement on @WheelofFortune is a little but much for me. Anyone else? #WheelOfFortune #ProductPlacement
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One day I hope to invent a product good enough for uncomfortable product placement on Wheel of Fortune
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Matt Keenan:
Wheel of Fortune with the mad product placement
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Communist Grandma:
@WheelofFortune this is product placement if I've ever seen it. I had so much hope for you.
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Jordan LaRue:
NOT 1D product placement on Wheel of Fortune of all places lol
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You know Sajak hates all this product placement for Disney. #WheelOfFortune
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Erin Williams:
That was some fun product placement! Oh Pat! What a character, but just say no! @WaltDisneyWorld @Aulani @WheelofFortune
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Mae West:
Is #wheeloffortune doing product placement ads for Paul Masson Wine?
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@Sylvio318 The show is one big advertisement/product placement program. It's essentially a brainwashing wheel for the masses & Vanna White
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As a kid I thought the "R S T L N E" in the last round of Wheel of Fortune was covert product placement for @rlstine. Still do.
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